Nixie Keith Introduction

Nixie Keith is a big fan and builder of toys made from Nixies, Dekatrons, Numitrons, Magic Eye and other arcane tube (valve) display devices. I am not an electrical engineer. I am just a builder and maker of these devices. I enjoy leveraging the other brilliant folks who are constantly teaching me and stimulating ideas. In fact, these projects are a learning process for me. I have to thank all of the wonderful folks out in the Internet who have created these great projects and whom have universally supported my efforts to make these great playthings. It started with a long lost passion for the little display tubes called Nixies® that I used when I worked on old computer systems in the 1970's. I let that sit for decades and then found out a few years ago that there were still some nixie tubes available from sources around the world. Along the way I discovered dekatron tubes and rediscovered numitrons, magic eye tubes, and other interesting older technologies for displying information using electronic lumination.

My purpose is just one simple thing.
I want to share the information that I have obtained.
Hopefully this enkindles interest in these wonderful devices.